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We proudly partner with Microshare to unlock hidden data insights from buildings, assets and people.

Tiny sensors deployed throughout your estate deliver data on room occupancy & bathroom usage, environmental insights and physical asset location tracking

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In hospitals, office buildings, care homes and schools, occupants are only as clean as the common areas and washrooms they use. Our Predictive Cleaning solution gives intelligent insight into facility usage.
  • Determine how much a space has been used and when
  • Enables ‘on demand’ and ‘as needed' cleaning rather than wasteful schedules
  • Why clean rooms which havent been used?
  • Touchfree Feedback stations let staff give actionable feedback
  • Creates an audit trail of cleaning staff attendance
  • Lowers infection, liability risk save money


From bathrooms, to desks, meeting rooms and classrooms, Occupancy Monitoring provides actionable data for facilities operations and provides strategic insights. ;nbsp
  • Realtime intelligence for "hot-desk" and meeting room availability
  • Identifies high and low usage areas for cleaning and heating / cooling purposes
  • Provides data that can lower energy and maintenance costs
  • Touchfree Feedback gauge occupant satisfaction
  • Creates a valuable historical picture of space usage


A unique solution to the COVID-19 tracing requirement based on tiny wearable fobs - not a smartphone app.

  • Traces contact events anonymously through badges, wristbands and keyrings
  • Only creates a data "event" when guideline parameters are breached - i.e. <2M for 10 minutes
  • Avoids poor smartphone approach; data could be disabled, battery dead, unwanted app install..
  • Deployed in minutes for staff, students, care home residents & visitors
  • Operates on multi-year battery life Bluetooth beacons
  • Instant reports show contact events should a positive infection be confirmed
  • WATCH:  See Contact Tracing in Action



Get instant reatime location of all your valuable mobile equipment such as wheelchairs, beds, portable x-ray machines, AV equipment and more.
  • Instantly locate all of your valuable assets
  • Attach a tiny sensor to  wheelchairs, beds, xray machines and other mobile equipment in seconds
  • Prevents theft and loss
  • Identifies usage trends and "hot spots" for asset movement


A smart, anonymous solution to user feedback ensures that problems can be reported before they spiral out of control. Our Touchfree Feedback Stations provide push button or “touchfree” QR code functionality to increase occupant satisfaction and facility wellness.

  • Provides anonymised reporting of problems or feedback on any space
  • Allows facilities operators to respond quickly to emerging problems
  • Provides Touchfree Feedback to get ahead of costly problems
  • Creates a new channel for occupant/staff/tenant engagement



Our air quality monitoring solution brings cost savings, sustainability and occupant comfort with real-time data on temperature, humidity and CO2 levels.
  • Granular control of temperatures and monitoring of CO2 levels reduces the stress levels, raising productivity and satisfaction levels
  • Provides 24/7 real-time intelligence
  • Provides key Environmental | Social | Governance data to move your facility in a greener, more sustainable direction
  • Helps identify overspending on heating and air conditioning
  • Alerts facility managers to ventilation and other problems before they get out of hand


Solutions are also available for monitoring all kinds of environmental factors should you need specific insights into;

  • Decibel / Sound Levels
  • Brightness Levels
  • Leak Detection
  • Fridge / Freezer / Vending Machine Temperature Monitoring
  • Smoke Detection
  • Legionella Prevention
  • Open / Shut Indicators
  • Smart Parking Space Sensors



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