CASE STUDY: Universal Contact Tracing wearables

“Shutting down or even slowing global production costs us millions of dollars a week. This was a problem we simply had to solve, and wearable contract tracing gave us a solution that ensured we could stay in production while protecting our workers and their families.

Budaja Lim, Southeast Asia CIO, GlaxoSmithKline

For some businesses, remote work simply is not an option. For the world’s largest pharma firms, manufacturers, miners and other heavy industries, revenue correlates directly with the number of workers returning to the production line. This where Universal Contact Tracing from Microshare has made a difference.

Download the PDF case study for “Wearable Contact Tracing”

The challenge

Working from home is simply not possible for many sectors. For industries like food production, mining, chemicals, pharma and logistics,, maintaining operations during a pandemic while keeping their people safe became a new global challenge.

The solution

Microshare’s solution tracks people moving around facilities. Universal Contact Tracing wearables allowed pharma giant Glaxo SmithKline, US retailer Rent-A-Center and many others contain and prevent COVID-19 outbreaks and avoid disruptive shutdowns at their global facilities

Security & privacy

Unlike smartphone apps, our Bluetooth wearables collect no personally identifiable information (PII). Instead, pseudonymized data flows securely to client dashboards for GDPR compliant tracing. Our transparent approach requires a wearer’s consent and protects and reassures workers, customers, and their families.