CASE STUDY: Asset Zoning for healthcare facilities

$1.3bn saving potential: Reducing operational costs and improving healthcare outcomes 

With one study showing nurses spending up to 42 minutes per eight-hour shift resolving operational failures such as missing medications and broken or missing equipment, there is a great opportunity to improve efficiencies and increase time spent with patients using the Asset Zoning Solution from Microshare.

Improving patient care every day

“With Microshare we have been able to reduce the time taken to locate vital hospital equipment across our facilities, meaning our staff spend more time with patients.”

– Toby Roberts, CIO, Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

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The challenge

Locating mobile equipment is a significant factor in the daily operational costs of hospitals and other healthcare facilities. One study estimates that nurses can spend up to 42 minutes per eight-hour shift dealing with operational issues, including locating missing equipment.

The solution

Microshare’s Asset Zoning solution locates these assets in real-time, from wheelchairs and beds to specialist pumps and other mobile equipment. Data is delivered either direct via API or using our web-based dashboards to help staff locate vital equipment.

Improved efficiency

Nursing and other hospital staff use our web-based dashboards to quickly see where specific equipment is at any given time. Electronic alerts can also be enabled as a stop-loss measure to warn when key equipment is being moved outside pre-defined zones.